“Pro-Inox” milk cooling tanks

“Pro-Inox” milk cooling tanks. New execution – new equipment!

304 stainless steel

  • Outside and inside
  • Conforms to the EN 13732 milk cooling tank standard
  • A fully welded outer casing


  • Material: foamed polyurethane
  • Excellent insulation
  • Durable construction

Radiator. Laser welding: under high pressure.
Ventilation aperturemade of stainless steel.
Rotating spray nozzle made of stainless steel.


  • tight without washer
  • opens horizontally or vertically

Stainless steel ladder on all models.

Control and cleaning panel

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Ergonomic
  • Built-in PL2 electronic block

Ø76mmDrain valve

  • High pumping rate
  • Threaded connection, Ø76 or Ø51mm 

During simultaneous work of the spiral compressor and condenser for high temperatures with various-sped fans:

  • Excellent cooling in any season
  • Up to 30% power saving
  • Lower power consumption

A condenser that suits tropical work conditions 

  • Lower power consumption
  • Guarantees milk cooling in any season without freezing, thanks to a fan with different speeds

Danfoss spiral compressor 

  • Highly efficient energy consumption
  • Reliability and durability
  • Noiseless

Additional equipment

  • Milk meter – digital volume indicator with pressure sensor
  • Pumping T – washable threaded tap made of stainless steel
  • Ecolacteo – highly efficient heat recuperation device