“Nautilus” milk cooling tanks

“Nautilus” milk cooling tanks – care about first-grade milk quality

“Nautilus” milk cooling tanks have been developed specially for use in combination with the “Astronaut” milking robots. “Nautilus” is highly reliable, easy to clean and economical in operation. Also, it provides a perfect solution for easy control and management of the entire process, from milking to milk storage and cooling, all in one integrated system, which ensures maximum safety and reliability.

Cooling from the first minute

“Nautilus” milk cooling tanks ensure increased safety and hygiene, which are key factors for maintaining milk quality. “Nautilus” has been developed specially for use in combination with the “Astronaut” milking robots.

Insignificant downtime

Robot downtime during tank cleaning is minimized. The flexible cleaning system guarantees perfect hygiene. Important detail: after washing, the tank automatically starts the cooling process.

Undisputed quality

No malfunctions: the cooling process starts as soon as the first drops of milk enter the tank, but no ice is formed. The cooling power of the “Nautilus” tank is set in accordance with the milk quantity currently in the tank. Only the best materials are used for the production of “Nautilus” tanks. The 360-degree rotating spray nozzles are unique and the best on the market. The “Nautilus” system uses the best available cooling gas - R134. Thanks to the soldered evaporator rings, its longevity is higher and the stream of cooling gas is optimal. Also, the low power and water consumption make the “Nautilus” tank highly economical in operation.

Everything under control

The “Nautilus” milk cooling tanks have just one easy-to-operate control system. The system controls and regulates the cooling, cleaning and mixing parameters. You can directly manage the milk quality from your mobile phone. More than that, milk cooling tanks are integrated in the T4C management system which stores the cooling and cleaning temperature data.

Main advantages:

  • Automatic launch of the cleaning system;
  • The cooling level is adjusted depending on the milk level;
  • Outstanding cleaning thanks to unique spray nozzles;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Easily traceable data;
  • Highly economical in operation;
  • Easy to operate.

Technical conditions

The “Nautilus” milk cooling tanks are available in various volumes, 4000 through 30000 liters. Models with volumes of 4000 - 8000 liters are available either with integrated or separate cooling systems. Large tanks are supplied with separate cooling systems.

Additionally, the following options for “Nautilus” cooling tanks are available:

  • Water heater for tank cleaning;
  • Manual milk volume measuring device;
  • Systems for cooling gas and cleaning water temperature restoration.

For good milk quality and economical operation it is very important to optimize the size of the tank and the compression and cooling device.

Consumer feedback

«The best cooling system combined with the milking robot».