Foam Unit

Foam Unit

  • A compact system for foam generation to be used while cleaning milking equipment (milking robots), walls and floors in milking units and robot installation areas;
  • Easy to install, simple to operate;
  • Suitable for alkaline and light acidic cleaning agents based on phosphorous acid.

The Foam Unit is a powerful and compact system for foam generation, developed for cleaning at milking farms. The Foam Unit is quickly installed in any stall or robot installation area and is easy to operate. The cleaning agent concentration is easily adjusted by means of a regulator. Therefore, you can select the suitable concentration for every type of contamination and any type of surface. After application, the Foam Unit is rinsed with water.

The Foam Unit is shipped with a red foam hose, a powerful foam dispensation head and a suction pipe (including a filter and cap) for the detergent.

The Foam Unit is suitable for cleaning, for instance, walls and floors in (milking) stalls/ robot installation areas, as well as the area around the “Astronaut” milking robot or other milking equipment. The red foam hose is 20 meters long, so the Foam Unit can be used in different spots. During operation, the cleaning agent is constantly supplied through a transparent suction tube and mixed with tap water to achieve the necessary concentration. The Foam Unit creates a thick foam which sticks to the surface for a long time. The Foam Unit fulfills cleaning under low pressure and only applies water pressure.


The Foam Unit needs to be placed in a room where no freezing can occur. It is used with alkaline and light acidic cleaning agents based on phosphorous acid. Not ot be used for cleaning of aluminum or electronic components (“x-link” and “e-link operator” control units).


Fix on a wall at the height of ±1.50 m, attaching the hoses in vertical position. Fixation tools are not included in the shipment.

Water supply

Potable quality water is necessary, max temperature 50°C. The water supply pipe must have an inner diameter of at least 20 mm and ensure water pressure of at least 2.5 bar. The water supply hose must have an inner diameter of 12,7 mm, length no more than 5 m. The Foam Unit includes a back pressure valve at the water outlet.

Water consumption

Approx. 10-25 l/min (depending on water pressure).

Cleaning agent concentration

2 - 6%. Avoid high concentrations of cleaning agents while cleaning the “Astronaut” milking robot.


Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water. At least once a year, remove incrustation. When using hard water, periodically remove incrustation.

Product characteristics

Width: 142 mm
Height: 61 mm

Warranty: one year.