Balers and feed preparation equipment

Fusion F5500 baler-wrapper

(with fixed baling chamber) (manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.)

Fusion V660 baler-wrapper

(with variable baling chamber) (manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.) Uses a progressive lubrication system.

“Fusion” baler-wrapper

(with fixed baling chamber). (manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd. Certificate of in-house production №267 dated 17.03.2017)

991LBER Bale wrapper

(Made in Ireland) A combination of tried and proven technologies, a sturdy structure and reliable characteristics.

McHale 998 square bale wrapper

Made in Ireland) McHale 998 is a universal solution to for square bale wrapping.

G3010 Q Profi square bale wrapper

(Made in Austria) The G3010 Q Profi square bale wrapper is a stationary wrapper with a 11.4 kW diesel engine.

G4010 Q Profi square bale wrapper

Made in Austria) The G4010 Q Profi rectangular bale wrapper with a double wrapping arm is a stationary machine which is distinguished not only by its double wrapping arm, but also its PROFI fully automatic control system.

The MEGATIUK high-density large baler

(Manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.) With prechamber.

Electronic humidity detector on baler

(Made in Austria) Professional measuring device for determining the moisture content when pressing coils For farmers and contractors

SILASPRAY liquid dosage and application system

(Made in Germany). SILASPRAY SP STANDART N liquid dosage and application system 12V 10A complete with 300 l canister.

Knife sharpening tool with additional grinding disc

(Made in Austria). The sharpening tool is designed to allow the knives to be fixed securely and quickly.

Combined press-winding "LT-Master"

Devices that are easy to transport and maintain are not only a prerequisite for processing maize for silage.

Round coil winding G5010 and G5012

"Roll selection" is controlled manually using an electronic joystick. The cycles "winding process" and "grabbing and trimming film" are automatically started. "Roll release" is done by pressing the button.