CombiStrip Subsoiler

The “Combi Strip” is an equipment designed to the tillage for preparing only the future seeding line for the planting of crop on lines such as corn, sunflower, sugar beet, soya bean, rape or sorghum. The processing is performed in the view of conservative agriculture on hard ground, reducing the worked surface by 80%, providing the ground cover between rows. This entails a number of advantages to the ground itself, as the protection against driving rain, control water erosion, more lift soil against agricultural machines, retaining moisture below with lesser evaporation of water to the benefit of the crop and reducing emergencies weed.

The heart of the machine is represented by the elements for the preparation of the strips of sowing. The work is performed by some tools arranged in series, which work according to this sequence of operations: cleaning of the strip by the cut of organic residues, opening and working of the groove without inversion of the layers with variable depth, according to the tool mounted refining or end confinement. During the work, the machine can perform the injection in the furrow of fertilizer, if equipped with particular accessories. The preparation of the seed bed is realized by the combination of hooked, wavy or smooth discs together with coulter anchors and refiner and confinement rollers of different conformation. Basic, the processing realizes a strip of about 10 up to 25 cm in width, to a depth which, starting from 0 cm usually does not exceed 20 cm, but, by changing tool, can reach even 30 cm. Essential element of the equipment is the “single unit with parallelogram”. As for other agricultural equipment (like planters and inter-row cultivators) for granting a perfect strip work, we have decided to mount all the working elements on “parallelogram” independent and completely adjustable that better suit to the soil conditions and are not affected, if not in a marginal way, from the machine position. Each unit works thanks to its weight and to a “preload” that is conferred to the element by two adjustable tension springs.


Number of rows








Inter-row (cm)



Transport width (m)



Working width (m)




HP needed (HP/KW)

Up to 25 HP (18,4 KW) per row according to the working depth

III point linkage

IIIa Cat.


With hopper mounted on the frame

With front hopper or indipendent front trailer hopper

Rear attack

Optional of IIIa Cat.