Antero-trailer preparation of the seedbed "Avant" and "Duplex"

Antero-trailer preparation of the seedbed "Avant" and "Duplex"

Ideal for preparing a seedbed immediately before sowing:

  • several operations per pass;
  • less soil is trampled down;
  • active working machine instead of passive weight in the bow.

More even seed depth, more amicable shoots

After the "gutlering" performed before sowing, a fine-grained soil forms below and a more crusty soil structure on top. This is an excellent structure for the seed bed, the seeds are better fixed, i. E. shoots are more viable.  Using the front-trailer preparer of the seedbed "Güttler", in one pass, immediately before sowing, the soil structure is formed and the seed bed is prepared; this saves time and energy.

Less deep track from the wheels, excellent soil closure

If instead of the front weight we use the front-track preparer of the seedbed "Güttler", then, due to the usual quality of the "Güttler" rollers, we get a bed for seeds of excellent quality. As a result of the fact that the soil is more even and compact, the track from the wheels will be less deep; attached work machine does not need to go through a deep trail, this can avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Improves the feeling of comfort for the tractor driver.

"Avant": economical front-trailer seed bed preparer

"Avant" is the ideal solution for economical replacement of the front weight. Prismatic rollers with a diameter of 45cm are better crushing lumps, and rollers with a diameter of 56 cm provide the ability to work at a higher speed; they can also be used on soils with a softer structure.

Thanks to the 3-row attachment with spring paws and prismatic rollers, the machine has excellent characteristics for crushing the lumps, as a result of which the power machine and trailed working machines pass through a more even and smooth soil. All this is achieved without additional power, replacing passive weight in the bow.

Width of transport less than 3m

Up to 3.00-meter working working width, the front-link equipment has a rigid frame; and also hydraulically folded; due to this, all front-trailer seedbed preparers can be transported along narrow roads.

"Duplex": the ideal choice for each type of soil

Thanks to the "duplex" design and spring paws, the Duplex seedbed preparers have an excellent ability to crush lumps, so using these machines, you can get a good crushing quality even on coarse, lumpy soils. An additional advantage is the possibility of their use on stony soils.

"Duplex" works well on more bound, clay soils; thanks to the prismatic gears of the pair "Guttler" -catchers, two-row design with self-cleaning and rear dirt cleaners, less seizing than any other rollers.

Wide use

Most of the front-trailer seedbed preparers "Güttler" are also suitable for use in a trailer; Thus, in addition to the advantages of antero-trailer machining, the machine is also suitable for traditional "gutting". Because of this, the front-trailer seed bed preparer becomes a working machine that can be used all year round, thereby reducing your costs.

More favorable surface for tractor and trailing work elements

Using the working machines placed on the front-trailer hydraulics, the balance of load on the power machine between the front and rear axle is achieved. When working the soil, the tractor wheels will pass along a more smooth and compacted soil. Due to this, the power machine will be less susceptible to adverse power effects. In addition, the driver's work will become more comfortable.

For trailer working elements, it is also advantageous to use front-trailer seedbed preparers, since these working elements are no longer working on bumpy plowing, but on already treated soil, with better structure.

Technical characteristics

  • front hydraulics and rigid hanging;
  • attachment spear-shaped foot, size 45x12 mm, 3-row, the distance between the working elements is 150 mm;
  • optional mud cleaner, strengthening of the spring foot by an auxiliary spring;
  • "Guttler" -cake 450 mm or 560 mm;
  • front and rear suspension in three points, cat 2;
  • 2.50 - 4.00 m ("Avant"), 1.50 - 4.00 m ("Duplex") rigid frame, 4.00 - 6.00 m hydraulically folded.
Model             Working width, m Transport width, m Required power, hp Weight, kg
DX30-45+ZV 2,92 3,00 75 1 165
DX420V-45+ZV 4,10 2,52 110 2 090
DX460V-45+ZV 4,60 2,52 115 2 270
DX510V-45+ZV 5,00 2,52 130 2 430
DX610V-45+ZV 6,00 2,52 150 2 770
DX30-56+ZV 2,86 3,00 75 1 330
DX420V-56+ZV 4,10 2,75 120 2 440
DX460V-56+ZV 4,60 2,75 130 2 610
DX510V-56+ZV 5,05 2,75 140 2 930
DX610V-56+ZV 6,05 2,75 170 3 500


Model                   Working width, m Transport width, m Required power, hp Weight, kg
Avant 2,5m SX 26-45 2,50 2,60 55 945
Avant 2,5m SX 26-56 2,50 2,60 65 1 040
Avant 3m SX 30-45 2,92  3,00 65 1 015
Avant 3m SX 30-56 2,92  3,00 75 1 210
Avant 420-56 U+ZV 4,10 2,70 120 2 090
Avant 460-56 U+ZV 4,54 2,70 130 2 240
Avant 510-56 U+ZV 5,07 2,70 140 2 550
Avant 610-56 U+ZV 6,15 2,70 170 3 050

Customer Reviews

"In the spring sowing of maize and sunflower we used a combination of a front seed bed preparer with a working width of 4.6 meters and a seeder.

"Guttler" skating rink Duplex works well when processing spring and autumn plowing.

The working width of 4.6 meters is just right for our 6-row 4.5-meter seeder. It is not necessary once again to trample down the soil, because using such a combination of machines, there are fewer passes through the territory. Myn e regretted that they invested in this new technology. "Hengry