Prismatic truck "Güttler"

Prismatic truck "Güttler"

Multipurpose machine for the formation of an ideal soil structure:

  • excellent crushing of lumps;
  • better seedbed preparation;
  • more intensive tillering;
  • unique self-cleaning function.

Ideal seedbed: below is a fine-grained soil structure, from above more crustacean

The use of "Güttler" rollers allows to form a fine-grained structure of the soil from below, from above - more crusty. Formed in this way, the seed bed promotes the preservation of moisture in the soil; In addition, it provides a better anchoring of seeds in the bed, resulting in plants becoming more viable.

Fuel economy

Combined work with discs allows you to perform not only peeling stubble and crushing lumps in one pass; but, thanks to the fact that the roller forms the surface of the soil, it makes it possible to retain moisture in the soil. Since the roller does not need to be pulled in a separate passage, time and fuel are saved. Another advantage is that weed seeds and fallen seeds germinate simultaneously, so their destruction occurs in a single pass.

For rolling with the purpose of tillering and sowing

Thanks to the spring rolling of winter wheat for the purpose of tillering, even a 15% increase in yield can be achieved. The rink sufficiently damages the stems of the plants, thereby improving their tillering; In addition, the previously dispersed fertilizer is pressed into the soil, thereby increasing the effect of its effect.

An additional effect can be obtained if, together with rolling for tillering, we also use loose seeders for sowing. The most optimal for this purpose is "GreenMaster", which in one pass provides forging and sowing, while reducing your costs, increasing the number of your harvest and improving its quality. The next advantage is that the Güttler roller also destroys broad-leaved weeds.

Adapts to the soil surface

The design of "Güttler" rollers allows the best possible way of adapting to the soil surface. For example, in a skating rink with a 6-meter-wide pick-up, there are four sections, so that the rink adapts to the surface, while in the other 6-meter rollers there are only three such sections. This makes it possible to reduce the size of sites that have not undergone rolling.

Elimination of problems with the autumn preparation of the seedbed

Various technologies of autumn tillage are aimed at solving the problem of residues in a large number of stems after maize harvesting. One can not, however, forget that winter crops also require a good seedbed. And in this case the "Güttler" roller is the ideal solution, as it can be used for any autumn tillage.

The Güttler roller forms the most ideal soil structure for fixing seeds, in which a loosened seed bed is formed from below, and larger lumps are formed on the surface of the soil. This contributes to the preservation of moisture in the soil, necessary for the germination of seeds.

Ideal tillage processing in one pass

"Güttler" rollers together with the popular front attachment of the FlatSpring spring equalizer are ideal for plowing.

Arable processing is always accompanied by the formation of large lumps, furrows and ridges. FlatSpring equalizes its entire working width along the soil surface to fill the furrows; and the same equalizer, like the "plane", removes the crests. Grinding of the lumps is performed by the Güttler ice rink.

Scattering of lumps even in the worst soil conditions

A characteristic feature of "Guttler" rinks is the surface of the roller consisting of prismatic tops. Thanks to this design, for each square meter of soil there are 305 such sharp prismatic peaks. In addition, for each meter of such prismatic peaks there are approximately 400 kg of mass, which makes it possible to crush lumps even on the hardest soils.

If, due to drought, solid lumps are formed, and after the rolling there is no obvious improvement, it is suggested to treat lumps from a closer distance. Prism skating rinks even in the most difficult conditions form the finest cracks on hard lumps, and if they are exposed to direct exposure to rain or sunlight, they will gradually crumble.

Perfect self-cleaning

The Guttler roller consists of gears of different sizes. Different sized gears can eccentrically move relative to each other, as a result of which they are continuously cleaned.

During the cultivation of plowing, soil with a high moisture content often gets onto the soil surface, which leads to sticking. However, due to the cleansing ability of the Güttler rollers, no sticking occurs.

Uniform seeding depth

Perform the rolling before sowing, as the pre-rolling by the Güttler roller forms a uniformly dense seed bed, which is necessary for fixing seeds in it. As a result of the work, the seeds are sown at a uniform depth, at the best conditions for germination. Therefore shoots will be uniform and amicable.

Technical characteristics

  • "Güttler" roller 450/500 mm;
  • semi-suspended or front / rear suspension (PW 30 E / S);
  • hanging. cat. 2;
  • in some variants optional FlatSpring equalizer or NonStop harrow;
  • Wheel size 11,5 / 80 -15,3 10PR, PW940ASL, PW1240ASL in the case of 10,0 / 55-17 10 PR;
  • hydraulic (2-way) chassis, in the case of PW 30 E / S optional chassis;
  • also for the complete set with a working width of 1.5 m, 2.0 m, 2.7 m, 3.0 m.
Model Working width, m Transport width, m Required power, hp Weight, kg
PW15E/S o. DPT* 1,41 1,50 50 445
PW20E/S o. DPT* 2,00 2,10 50 565
PW27E/S o. DPT* 2,57 2,65 55 775
PW30E/S 2,92 3,00 55 965
PW45AS Compact 4,50 3,00 55 2 110
PW48AS Compact 4,80 3,00 55 2 180
PW540ASL Master 5,40 3,00 70 2 990
PW640ASL Master 6,40 3,00 80 3 500
PW770-6ASL Master 7,80 3,00 90 4 000
PW820-6ASL Master 8,40 3,00 100 4 300
PW940ASL Master 9,40 3,00 110 4 890
PW1240ASL Magnum 12,40 3,00 140 6 400


Model Truck Working width, m Required power, hp. Weight, kg
FlatSpring Compact PW45-48AS 4,30-4,50 30-35 400
FlatSpring 540 PW540ASL 5,00 40 840
FlatSpring 640 PW640ASL 6,10 50 890
NonStop 940 PW940ASL 9,00 55 2 100
NonStop 1240 PW1240ASL 12,00 55 2 300

Customer Reviews

"During the rolling of winter grain crops by the Güttler roller, about 10-15 days after rolling, intensive tillering begins and the shoots become" thick ". With the use of other rollers, cereals do not break down so much, but it is known that the more cereals (and the grains are those) are trampled down and broken, the more dense they become.

Since we use the Guttler rink, I can safely say that rolling at least 10-15% increases the yield. "Hengry