Cultivator for plowing "PrimusPlus"

Cultivator for plowing "PrimusPlus"

From stubbling till replacement of plowing

  • high productivity without rotation;
  • robust frame construction;
  • obtaining the necessary soil structure.

PrimusPlus: for stubble and basic tillage

The wide, padded paws of PrimusPlus overlap each other, so even with fine stubbing, the treatment is performed over the entire working width. Furrows from the strong racks of the paws are covered with disks, which at a shallow depth mix the remains of the stems with the soil. A number of closing gutters "Guttler" Simplex, due to the unique design of their surface, form a dense soil surface suitable for the seed bed, without large lumps.

As a result, on the surface of the soil, a so-called spoon of mulch is formed from the mixture of earth and stubble residues, which contributes to the preservation of moisture in the soil.

Getting the ideal soil

Thanks to the wing paws, "PrimusPlus" is also suitable for peeling hard stubble; and in the case of deeper processing, this can replace plowing. The treatment of the surface of the cultivated soil, the crushing of large lumps and the compaction is carried out by the built-in "Güttler" roller, as a result of which the quality of the treated soil will be suitable for the seed bed.

Eliminating excessive soil compaction

The cultivator for plowing "PrimusPlus" can be used for crushing too dense layers and diseases of "plow soles". In this case, by dismantling the wings, it is possible to reduce the power consumed by the tractor, which will make it possible to use resources purposefully to break up the dense layers.

Durable and reliable in operation

Due to the massive working elements and solid, rigid frame construction, the PrimusPlus cultivator is quite reliable in operation.

You can connect working machines 2 and 3 categories, which allows you to use the trailer with any tractor.

Savings in energy consumption as a result of shallower soil cultivation

Arable cultivators - because of their strong working elements, it is recommended to use in deep processing, as well as in the case of a large number of stems.

Cultivator "PrimusPlus", thanks to a simple installation of the depth of processing, can be used for small stubble peeling. When performing this work, which occurs close to the surface of the soil, due to overlapping of the wings of the paw, the whole surface is treated, which saves energy and time.

Do not forget: increasing the depth of tillage by 1 cm requires moving an additional 150 tons of soil per hectare!

Mechanical destruction of weeds

During plowing, as a result of turning the soil by a plow, the weed seeds fall into a deeper layer of soil, and after a few years, the next plowing they can again get to the surface of the soil and ascend.

Arable cultivator "PrimusPlus" and multi-purpose cultivator "SuperMax" turn the soil deeply, which avoids soil contamination with weeds.

Technical characteristics

  • The working depth is set in the interval 150 - 330 mm, with a 30 mm scale;
  • rear three-point connection, cat. 2 and 3;
  • rigid frame, with a working width of 2.50 and 3.00 m;
  • the beam size is 100 × 100 mm, the distance to the beam is 1000 mm;
  • large cross-section overflow - frame height 930 mm;
  • the cultivator's wing paws in 2 rows, with a working element spacing of 425 mm;
  • diameter of toothed, cover disks Ø 560 mm, with separate depth adjustment;
  • roller Simplex Güttler - Ø 450 mm;
  • front - rear position indicator for road transport.
Model 250 300
Working width, m 2,5 3
Transport width, m 2,75 3,25
Required power, hp 120 140
Weight, kg 1310 1580

Customer recall

"I used a plow cultivator" PrimusPlus "to peel stubble after barley, then applied a combinator. In this soil in mid-September, sowed rape. Thanks to "Güttler" rollers, the soil was closed, which guarantees the preservation of moisture in the soil. As a result, I got amicable shoots. In the spring, the usual amount of fertilizers was introduced into the soil. When harvesting, our harvest was 40 quintals per hectare. After sunflower I also used the cultivator "PrimusPlus", and in one pass prepared a suitable seed bed for wheat. The average yield of wheat on this soil was 52 centners / ha

Cultivator "PrimusPlus" with a width of 3 m was used with a 135 LE tractor, without any problems. Energy consumption per hectare was about 20% less than if I used plowing. "Hengry