“Combilam” suspended combined device 4 m

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.).  Model CBL I 40/12.
Designed for tillage of wildlands and fallow land, as well as soil decompaction without layer overturn. Efficient tillage at depths of 40-50 cm without clodding.

Technical characteristics:

The device can be equipped with various front and rear attachments in addition to the subsoiler to reach the best work results with minimal efforts. The hydraulically adjusted front discs are highly efficient and allow to treat soil with large quantities of crop residues.

“Combilam” configuration:


  • suspended version, hydraulically foldable in 2 sections
  • The front disc row consists of wavy discs with hydraulic working depth adjustment. It is equipped with a steel axle with a rotating bracket and tapered bearings
  • subsoiler group with curved “Michel” shanks (800 mm height) with a safety device with a shear bolt, as well as replaceable coulters and safety devices to protect them against wear.
  • Tow rows of discs that allow to mix the soil and further chopping of crop residues, ensuring their rapid decomposition and transformation into natural organic fertilizer.
  • Optionally, the device can be equipped with a rear cast iron levelling roller or a toothed roller.


 The “Combilam” fully optional combined machine, 4 m: front disc row + Combilam subsoiler + 2 rows of breaking discs + rear toothed roller:

- Frame

Hydraulically foldable

- Working width, m


- Number of shanks


- Transport width, m


- Weight, kg


- Power requirement, h.p.