GreenMaster 640 roller with seed drill

(Made in Germany).

This is the only tool combination in which the roller and the harrow can be used separately. The harrow treats rough meadow grass, thoroughly combing it out. It is a multipurpose machine for pasture and arable land, suitable for year-round operation.

Four roller sections, unrivaled soil treatment quality, small turn radius without friction. The harrow can be attached in the front and the back: this professional heavy roller system is the choice of large farms and farms with especially challenging soils. 

Technical characteristics

- Working width, m                                                                     

- Transport width, m

- Weight, kg                                                  




A unique “5 in 1” combination of machines

Levelling, aeration, вычёсывание, sowing and compaction within a single system

Various options for expanding functions and operation

Self-cleaning Güttler Master prismatic rollers

The HarroFlex leveling harrow with NonStop heavy duty dual spring tines 12 mm

Option: leveling bar or Ripper Board (reduces distances between lines by half, doubling the number of tines)

EPS 5 pneumatic seed drill with a 660 l seed hopper