Soil treatment

“Precisa” precision seed drills, 6-8 rows for maize, sugar beets, soy, sunflower, rapeseed

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.). Distance between rows 45-70-75 cm

SEA subsoiler

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.)

SEA subsoiler with hydropneumatic protection system

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.)

“Combilam” suspended combined device 4 m

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.). Model CBL I 40/12

GreenMaster 640 roller with seed drill

(Made in Germany). This is the only tool combination in which the roller and the harrow can be used separately.

“Cultirapid Pro” combined machine 4 m

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.). A combined machine that allows to prepare the seedbed in one pass without using a plough. Working depth – 20-40 cm.

4301 А stone removal machine

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd., Certificate of in-house production №1372 dated 25.11.2016)

Cultivator for plowing "PrimusPlus"

From stubbling till replacement of plowing

Universal cultivator "SuperMax"

Year-round use, universal equipment

Prismatic truck "Güttler"

Multipurpose machine to form an ideal soil structure

Antero-trailer preparation of the seedbed "Avant" and "Duplex"

Ideal for preparing a seedbed immediately before sowing